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Jiggy Draco is an emerging artist hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Growing up with an interest in groups like The Doors, and artists like Sade and Kanye West; Jiggy’s sound knows no boundaries. With a smooth melodic otherworldly voice, Jiggy doesn’t just create a song, but an experience. With footprints in Atlanta, Jiggy is known to combine genres, adding a fascinating flair to hiphop beats. Jiggy can be seen featuring sounds on songs like “Lamborghini Dreams” by Lil Surf, and “Shots Up” by Included Jay taking listeners on a new adventure with every track. “I Don’t No” is Jiggy Draco’s first solo single from the album “My Biggest Revenge”. Jiggy’s first single “Juice” teaming up with included Jay; the dynamic duo defined what some may call “transcending dimensions”. Jiggy seems to believe in no limits when it comes to creating and says “If we don’t know anything, we know a vibe.”

xX I DON’T NO by JIGGY DRACO available on ALL platforms!